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About Us

  1. Our Company:

Managing the overall process of elections is a crucial thing that needs a credible management system. Our company is well versed in Election Management Campaigns. We have a great experience of 10 years in managing the elections.

Admark is well trusted by many political parties for its excellent work done towards elections. Data management, planning strategies, executing the strategies using proper channels, handling the PR of the parties, maintaining the image of parties, etc are handled by the professionals in the Admark's team.

Beyond the preparation of election campaigns, we create various other campaigns that help in creating a stronger bond between the candidate and the mass. Apart from working on the major plans, different other teams work on micro-level management of different departments. Our company provides complete training to each department for managing various roles. 


2) CEO:

Politics has been a topic of interest for me since childhood. Making society think coherently is what politics teaches us.

I had a keen interest in the management of elections and their process. Using my management skills, I started to manage elections on a small level. As I understood the process, I started developing few more ways to make this election management a great success.

Managing an election campaign needs pure patience and perseverance. Rational thinking has always been my motto. This hard work of 10 years has given me my desired results in this field and I, along with my company are trying to excel more and more in the coming years.

Today, along with all the traditional mediums of marketing and advertising for elections, my company has excelled in various modern techniques beneficial for election management.

Social Media Management, PR, Email Marketing, SMS marketing, Booth Management, Election Management Software, Political Survey, and much more are the services we offer for the candidates and their parties for bringing success to their campaigns.



3) Our Team :


Our team consists of well-trained professionals who handle different departments of the election campaigns. Strategists, Campaign Planners, Research executives, Social media team, PR executives, Field research executives. etc work rigorously to bring the best results needed for the election campaign.

Our team is given proper and timely training during, before, and after the elections for the smooth running of the election campaigns.


4) Why Admark?

Having a great experience of 10 years with election management can always benefit the candidate for positively winning the elections.

Our great team of professionals works rigorously with the candidate and their team to understand even the minor requirements of theirs.

Proper planning, survey, execution, finding solutions to problems, data collection and management, advertising and marketing campaigns, PR, image building of the candidate, etc are all taken care of by our team of experts.

Proper training of handling the election campaigns, managing and collecting data, election day management, etc are been looked by by our experts.

A complete solution for all your election-related requirements under one roof: Admark!

You can check out our services and give us a discovery call anytime or can mail us your requirements on the contact provided below:

Call: (please add up the required number)

Email: (please add up the desired email id)


(NOTE: The portion marked in red is optional. You may delete it if it is not needed.)

en these aspects are supported with robust research and analysis, it becomes easier to work upon the pitfalls. Once these pitfalls get cleared, it becomes easier to give a tough competition to the competitors.

Thus it is advisable to conduct a Political Survey and Analysis.


How does it work?

To conduct a political survey, we have skilled professionals at Admark who work dedicatedly and gather people's opinions.

A profound list of questionnaires are framed depending upon the regions and languages.  The questions depend upon the voter's mindset so that the information gathered is accurate.

Now, this information gets anatomized by our experts and strategists. A report is prepared to understand the necessary changes to be made in the political campaign.

It is strongly recommended to conduct a political survey and analysis of any individual or party participating in the elections.

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