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War Room Management

A war room is a place where election-related decisions and strategies are organized during the election time.

Admark Multiventures Private Limited has successfully managed and handled various elections and war rooms. The war room for any party or candidate has to be well planned and organized before and during the elections.

The concept behind organizing war rooms is to make vital decisions collectively by all the people associated with the party and elections.


Services provided in War Room Management

a) Planning & Strategy

To avoid turmoil during the day of the election, our team strategically plan out all events of this day. Right from the processes to decision making, everything is perfectly planned by our team.

b) Competitor analysis

Great competitor analysis helps in keeping an eye on the strategies that your competitor is using. You can make changes in your plan of action if you know what your competitor is up on.

c) Quick Actions and Decision

Prominent actions, reactions, and presence of mind are vital aspects during the elections. At Admark, we have skilled professionals to take care of all these things.

d) Keeping records

We at Admark, maintain a proper record of the voters. Timely and important messages are sent to the voters for updating them about the elections and the parties participating in the elections.

Our team of experts notes the opinions of the voters and work accordingly.


A war room is the heart of the election campaign. Admark is one of the best service providers of war room management.




4) Social Media Management

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