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Door to Door Survey

Sound knowledge of the area from which we are conducting elections is of great importance. The candidate should be aware of the number of voters in the region with their age, caste, religion, etc.

Door to door survey is the most crucial part of elections. We at Admark provide a door-to-door survey as well as a political survey that can help a candidate win the election.


Why is the Door-to-Door survey important from an election point of view?


Below are some reasons:


a) Understand the total number of voters:

With the help of door to door survey, you can get the exact number of voters in your region. The total number of permanent residents are your potential voters.

You also understand the number of temporary residents or people living in rented houses. This helps you in planning your political strategies.


b) Data collection

With the help of door-to-door surveys, you can get the data with voter's consent. This data can be used for sending wishes to the people during festivals and for providing important messages.

This creates a strong bond between the voters and the political parties. These wishes can be sent through text messages, voice calls (recorded), whatsapp, etc. We also provide automated software for this purpose.


c) Analysis and statistical research

Statistical analysis of data plays a chief role when it comes to winning any election. With door-to-door surveys, we get accurate statistical information and build strategies that can help you win elections.



d) Election Management Software

We at Admark, provide election management software that is the predominant tool during elections. This software is useful for any person or party who wants to dominate the elections. The door-to-door survey data are used in the software for feeding the data.


We at Admark Multiventures Private Limited provide Door-to-Door surveys at competitive prices.

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